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Earlier rumors that the NASL has lost its Division 2 sanctioning have been confirmed by the US Soccer Federation (USSF) and NASL.

US Soccer explained to Inside Minnesota Soccer’s Brian Quarstad that it was the financial issues that were the final straw to NASL’s sanctioning, as the league’s financial situation changed significantly since originally being granted provisional division 2 status, with a number of teams now being propped up by NASL parent company Traffic.The NASL stated that they were determined to fight for Division 2 status:

“The NASL and its member teams are fully committed to establishing a long overdue stable structure and platform for second division soccer in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The NASL looks forward to working closely with Major League Soccer (MLS) at the first division level and United Soccer Leagues (USL) at the third division level and below in developing soccer in North America at all levels.”

The NASL will be permitted to resubmit its application for Division 2 status and will look to do so as soon as possible.

Despite the talk of cooperating with the USL, NASL CEO came out swinging taking a swipe at the USL in his defense:

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