Wow, that was a very unimpressive game. We won, I guess that is good. So many thoughts running through my head such as why is Jermaine Jones wearing the captain band? And doesnt the Panamanian coach look like an alien? rubbish. Lets get to what we can take away from tonights game.

All coaches gamble on selection choices, but JK selection of JJ is starting to puzzle me. He is more of a hazard that creating hazards for other teams. I dont want him as a starter (nor do I think he will be) on the USMNT.

Zusi – The SKC standout delivers yet another above average performance. He was a bit fortunate on that goal but isnt being in the right place at the right time part of the game? So kudos to him.

Brick Shea – Where was this guy? After looking great all season and the trials at Arsenal he must be tired cause he has not showed up in the last two games. He lost balls, made poor passes and was no where to be found. #alittlebitworried

Zach Loyd – He had some good minutes against Venezuela and he made some good plays against Panama, but he must be drinking the JJ juice cause he made some pretty bad decisions before picking up the knock and being subbed in the first half. Still I think he will get more looks in the future which is good. He has a great upside.

Nick Rimando – By far the most impressive player on the field. Nuff said.

Ricardo Clark – Didnt follow up his performance against Venezuela. Lost the ball multiple times.

Geoff Cameron – Harsh call, but to be expected in foreign countries especially south of the border. Was solid while in the game.

Teal Blueberry – He must still be in KC cause he was MIA for the game other than the botched goal that led to Zusi slamming it in.

No one else was worth mentioning on the USMNT. Real tests come next month in Europe.

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