It is exactly 199 miles from the door steps of San Antonio’s Heroes Stadium to the steps of Houston’s BBVA Compass Stadium.

The last time the two cities were imbedded in battle, the Alamo had just fallen. A month later, General Sam Houston and his Texas army ‘retreated’ to the port town of San Jacinto (modern-day outskirts of Houston) and swiftly ambushed General Santa Anna’s Mexican army.

Fast forward 176 years. The cities still stand and the battle scenario is just as prevalent.

Only this time the ambush location is reversed, poised to take place at San Antonio’s Heroes Stadium, just twelve miles from the infamous Alamo mission.

The San Antonio Scorpions await the visiting Houston Dynamo Tuesday, as the two face-off for a third round U.S. Open Cup match.

The stage is set for a raucous atmosphere as both clubs are riding a wave of momentum in their respective leagues.

The Crocketteers cheering in 'The Garrison'

The Houston Dynamo are unbeaten in their last four games (2-2-0) since the grand opening of their spanking new pitch, BBVA Compass Stadium. After playing their first seven games on the road, Houston has seemed to temper their inconsistencies as of late, steadily climbing their way up the MLS Eastern Conference tables.

Houston is led by forward Will Bruin who leads the club in scoring with 5 goals and 1 assist. In just 12 games this year, Bruin has already matched his goal total from last year.

The Orange also cast veterans Brian Ching (1 goal/2 assist), Brad Davis (2/2), and Andre Hainault (2/1).

Header heard around the MLS last week: Defender Andre Hainault

The expansion San Antonio Scorpions have taken the North American Soccer League (NASL) by force, and are unbeaten in their last six games.

Most recently, San Antonio showed their mettle after succumbing to a two-goal deficit against FC Edmonton. Refusing to concede defeat with less than thirty minutes remaining, the Scorpions responded with two second-half goals (61′, 83′) to escape Canada with a well-earned point.

It was San Antonio’s third game this season in which they scored late in the game to earn a draw or victory. Although the squad can not afford to fall behind early to an experienced MLS club like Houston, their late game heroics confirm that San Antonio will never quit or back down from a fight.

The Scorpions feature their own blend of MLS veterans: F-Pablo Campos (San Jose/Real Salt Lake), M-Kevin Harmse (Vancouver/Toronto FC),  Ryan Cochrane (Houston), and Aaron Pitchkolan (FC Dallas), as well as international players Hans Dennisen (Holland), Walter Ramirez (Honduras), and Esteban Bayona (Columbia).

Team Captain & Mr. Consistency: MF Kevin Harmse

Heroes Stadium will immediately even out the battlefield for this interstate match-up pitting MLS vs NASL.

San Antonio’s premier soccer supporters group, Crocketteers, and the majority of their 800 members will be massed in full force well before game time. The Crocketteers are Texas’ biggest soccer supporters group; larger than Houston’s Texian Army.

The similarities between the San Antonio Scorpions and Houston Dynamo hardly bill this as David vs Goliath; more like the battle of Sam Houston vs Santa Anna. The Scorpions acting the part of General Sam Houston, and the Dynamo as Santa Anna.

The Scorpions hope to catch the Dynamo off-gaurd much the same way Santa Anna fell into Sam Houston’s trap. Only this time the ambush will happen 12 miles north of the Alamo.

Heroes Stadium: Ambush site



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7 thoughts on “Stage Is Set For Battle: Texas Style

  1. Michael_D 6 years ago

    I’m loving the Crocketteers and the way you guys have embraced football over in SA…not that its all that difficult 😉
    Honestly, I really like the club you guys have there, its a mix of vets and players looking to make a name and it just all came together with great ownership support and of course, supporters.
    All that being said, I hope we take care of business tonight…I’m hoping we don’t throw too many reserve players out there because they can get exposed, plus we’re already missing players due to int’l call-ups (Cameron, Hainault, Watson) but I’m really hoping we can throw guys like Dixon, Creavalle, Rolfe, Sturgis and yes, Soto out there to show what they can do against good competition. I know Soto has been flourishing there and its bittersweet because several of us over at Dynamo Theory (and elsewhere) know what he’s capable of doing, but simply was getting lost in the depth chart. I hope if he keeps up his form by next season we can recall him so that he can show MLS what he can really do.
    I’ll go ahead and call it a 2-1 win for Dynamo with Will Bruin scoring the winner. Sorry guys

  2. Dark Chicharito 6 years ago

    Another good article by David, but you failed to mention that maybe (and I hope I am wrong) the biggest battle for the Scorpions tonight will be against The San Antonio Spurs, and not the Dynamo. As we all know, the Basketball team is playing at home on Game 2 of the NBA playoffs.

    This will be the perfect stage to show everybody that San Antonio, Texas has enough supporters for two professional sports. Attendance will be a vital issue tonight, not only the Scorpions are playing on a weekday, but the game lands on a Spurs NBA Playoff game. I know the AT&T Center will be pack to capacity…I know bars and restaurants will be filled with Spurs fans, how about us? How about the Scorpions? Over 10K will be a victory, but anything less than 8K is unacceptable and it will show lack of interest on our part (the fans).

  3. Michael_D 6 years ago

    @Dark Chich – what is the capacity of Heroes? And what’s the average ticket price? I know we recently had an Astros game the same night as an int’l friendly at BBVA and both drew good numbers (I think at BBVA it was something like 12K), particularly that they’re literally across the street from each other. I’d really hope that you guys have a good turnout because I think this is going to be a very fun match-up.

    1. David Casarez 6 years ago

      @MikeD: Thanks for your comments. Heroes Stadium capacity is apx 13,000. Our home opener squeezed in just over that number. We are glad that MLS fans such as yourself are taking notice and supporting our efforts. Obviously I have to disagree with your prediction. I’ll give you a ‘Crocketteer’ prediction: Victory Or Death!

  4. Michael_D 6 years ago

    @David – Wow, that’s impressive for an NASL side (and that’s not meant to be derogatory in any way). And here in Houston we’re just simply happy to see the growth of football in this great state because surely the only places to have enough support for a club can’t be just Houston and Frisco.

    And honestly, a few Dynamo supporters have said that we’d love to see a partnership-friendly feud emerge between Houston Dynamo and SAS. We love the Soto loan deal and hope that maybe we can have that type of arrangement more often in the future, and perhaps guys that get noticed on SAS might get signed by the Dynamo.

    And fair enough, I know you guys are itching for a rumble and we might just be your huckleberry 😉

  5. Colin Bloodworth 6 years ago

    Great read, as always DC! The Garrison will be a-rockin tonight.Hope Santa Anna’s squad from the East is ready to be flanked from the West…

  6. David Casarez 6 years ago

    My sentiments exactly Collin!