Toyota Field: View of the Main Stand

The Crocketteers are pleased to offer new renderings of our future home, Toyota Field. Renderings are provided courtesy of the San Antonio Scorpions Football Club to the Crocketteers. A little over a month ago, Scorpions Owner Gordon Hartman held a press conference at the stadium construction site making a major announcement of Toyota buying the naming rights to the Scorpions new home.

These are the highest quality renderings available online and greatly show off multiple vantage points from inside and outside the stadium. Toyota Field is slated to be the gem of lower division American soccer stadia and proponents of the Scorpions and Soccer for a Cause will kindly warn you not to get too attach to it as it will undergo a couple more future transformations as total seating is expanded to 18,500 (2 more phases). Community and corporate response to the San Antonio Scorpions have been amazing, so much so that the Scorpions made the decision to build their stadium directly to Phase 2 specifications.

Toyota Field: View from Thousand Oaks Dr.

These latest renderings are the first to show seatbacks (few color variants other than red + Scorpions lettering colored seats), views from the exterior ground-level, beer garden, and from the Crocketteers section, known as “The Garrison.”



All photos are Full HD (1920X1080) and may take a while to load on slower internet connections. Site Admins: Please DO NOT hotlink the original high res photos on your site. Rather just link to our page for reference or download and host separately. Please leave the “” overlay intact as credit for release.

  1. Aerial view of Toyota Field facing North
  2. Exterior view of East Stand facing West
  3. Exterior view of West Stand (with roof) facing East
  4. Interior view from Beer Garden (corner)
  5. Interior view from East Stand
  6. Interior view from North Stand (specifically “The Garrison” section)

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Michael Macias

11 thoughts on “Toyota Field: New High Def Renderings

  1. Chris H 5 years ago

    Is that right? We are being shunned to the endline?

  2. Frank 5 years ago

    Man Chris is always Mr. Negativity. What would anyone expect from a bitter Aussie who is suffering from delusions that QPR will win a game this season. Further more has nothing positive to say about the U.S.A.

    Remainder of comment removed – not funny as shit. At least your first part was soccer related. Don’t need a flame war that is completely off topic. – Crocketteers Leadership

  3. Chris Hernandez 5 years ago

    Wrong Chris.

    And my point still stands. Any sporting event I go to, I avoid the baseline.

  4. Frank 5 years ago

    Still my comment was funny as shit.

  5. Michael Macias 5 years ago

    The vast majority of MLS supporters are on the goal line.

  6. Josh 5 years ago

    Let’s embrace it… and fill it up the Garrison no matter where it is!! Plus when we get behind the opposing team’s keeper… we can rattle his cage!! Victory or Death!!

  7. Michael Macias 5 years ago

    FYI Crocketteers leadership made that choice of location for multiple reasons. We can better create the supporters atmosphere where both main stands can easily see (hence why most supporters across this nation stand there). The seats are more affordable so we can offer the best season ticket package with TBA gift. We will not be hassled by non-supporter group fans for standing. In our meeting with Hitch and the front office, we all agreed it was best… especially if we want to tap into what makes groups like the Timber’s Army, Sons of Ben River End section, etc… all great. Although not confirmed, The Garrison (North Stand) will house the Alamo City Ultras and Dragoons 7*8. They will be in either section next to us. Granted we will have to make a really long “The Garrison” Flag/Banner/Tifo to display proudly in front.

    We need all Crocketteers on board. This is going to be an intimate feeling venue and we will be right on top of the action. Our players will jump into our arms and our foes will scream and yell foul language to us. This is the type of action we will crave and a great reason why we want our own dedicated section away from non-supporter group supporters.

    River End (Philly)

    The Cauldron (KC)

    TIFO Display - Timbers Army (Portland)

    If you can envision yourself experiencing the culture with the Timbers Army in the Rose City, Sons of Ben in the River End section, or The Cauldron of Kansas City (, then you will WANT to make THE GARRISON just that.

  8. JaredfromSA 5 years ago

    This is sick!!! As the kids say these days. Love the high res pics. This is going to be a palace of footballing goodness. No more crappy Heroes Stadium with football lines. Glad to be a hardcore fan.

  9. Colin Bloodworth 5 years ago

    Agreed. Endline is where the SG’s want to be.
    Having been with the Timbers Army in the North End, no vision is lost. Honestly, I’d prefer the endlie to where we are now. Granted the sigtlines at Heroes are terrible anyway. I’ll stand whereever they’ll let me buy a ticket though. Victory or Death.

  10. Colin Bloodworth 5 years ago

    Agreed. Endline is where you want to be as a group.

  11. Jack Carnes 5 years ago

    Chris – Must you always put a negative spin on everything? This stadium is first-class — yet you find a way to still put your negative vibe on it.