The 2013 Scorpions sophomore season is right around the corner. This will also be the inaugural season for Toyota Field, easily the United States’ top soccer venue below Major League Soccer. One of the most affordable season ticket package is in the Crocketteers Supporter’s section known as “The Garrison” in Section 113 of Toyota Field. Pricing is $180 for the season (18 games at $10 a game). The price is the best in the venue and you will be standing amongst the Scorpions’ largest and most soccer crazed supporters, the Crocketteers.

Do not hesitate as Section 113, “The Garrison”, is quickly filling up. We are down to our last few rows in 113 and will be looking to go back to the Front Office to secure a neighboring section for our booming group.

In the coming days, we will formally announce an exciting opportunity that one of our sponsors is extending to our group. You MUST be a season ticket holding member in The Garrison to be eligible. Without saying much more, we will be having 2 drawings from that pool of season ticket holders. Those two lucky members will have a nice prize awaiting them. You don’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity, so cross the line and become a season ticket holder in Section 113.

To become a season ticket holding member of the Garrison, contact Crocketteers Account Rep. Rebecca at 210-637-3423.

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Michael Macias

2 thoughts on “Toyota Field Inaugural Season Quickly Approaching – Be A Part of The Garrison

  1. @Dave01 4 years ago

    How probable is it for the SCORPIONS to make the jump to the MLS and when?


  2. Michael Macias 4 years ago

    @Dave01 – Check out


    Pretty much covers the stadium plans and future phases. Please note that Gordon Hartman built Toyota Field directly to Phase 2 specs skipping Phase 1. So we are essentially 2 phases away from MLS level capacity.

    Sure a lot will need to happen to get there. We need to grow our fan base and continue to sell out home games to warrant building out the next phase. It wouldnt hurt to find some deep pocketed investors to buy into the Scorpions/Morgans Wonderland concept.

    I dont know the probability of MLS being a reality here for the Scorpions but I do know San Antonio is doing more than most potential MLS suitors.

    MLS will no longer be a dream for us… one day… one day. I hope the Scorpions can make that possible.