Could San Antonio have two teams?

on 25 November 2010 in Austin Aztex, Expansion, General, Gordon Hartman, NASL, Spurs Sports & Entertainment, USL

By Chris Hockman-San Antonio Examiner

San Antonio could be home to twoUSL Pro professional soccer clubs as the USL revealed yesterday that they are in discussions with Spurs Sports and Entertainment (SS&E) about a franchise in the USL-PRO league.

SS&E have long held the rights to a USL team in San Antonio, and their lack of movement on the matter is part of the reason it has taken San Antonio so long to get a team and have now ramped up discussions about a team in USL-PRO.

USL were attracted to the Spurs because of their ability to keep franchises up and running, SS&E were awarded the best franchise award in 2009, and USL’s desire to expand into the South-West has made San Antonio an attractive candidate.

The news of USL looking to expand aggressively into the South-West must come as a bitter blow to former Austin Aztex fans as the lack of teams in the region was cited as part of the reason for the Aztex move to Orlando.

It is as yet unclear where the SS&E supported team would play their matches although the prior proposal of a redeveloped Alamo Stadium seems the most likely, which may hurt their public relations after getting out of the deal as it went to the voters only to come back when the bond had passed. What is clear is that SS&E will have to be very delicate with any dealings with Alamo Stadium.

With Gordon Hartman’s NASL team already secure and SS&E holding a USL-PRO license for 2012 it is possible that San Antonio could host two professional clubs, and be a major center in the ongoing battle between the two leagues fighting for Division 2 status. The NASL was granted Division 2 status earlier this week, although things could change based on USL-PRO’s work.

Originally published at San Antonio Examiner

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3 Comments to Could San Antonio have two teams?

  1. Well this is going to be interesting at the very least. Best case scenario, we get a heated intown rivalry going. Worst case, well actually, worst case I don’t even want to contemplate. Let’s see how this works out.

  2. Misael on 26 November 2010
  3. To hell with the USL. I’ll support Hartman all the way.

  4. Dan on 26 November 2010
  5. For the sake of American soccer, I hope you guys look past the obvious greed behind the USL and throw your support behind the NASL team.

  6. Mike on 27 November 2010

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