Pablo Being Pablo

on 27 July 2012 in Scorpions FC


Pablo Campos

It hasn’t been the easiest of relationships for San Antonio Scorpion fans and Pablo Campos.

But in the end, it all seems to work itself out.

Campos turned in his best performance of the season with a complete performance for the entire 90 minutes of last week’s 1-0 victory over the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers at Heroes Stadium.

Perceived early on as lazy, lethargic, and uninspiring, Pablo Campos has quietly put together a string of memorable goals over the past month to help San Antonio remain atop the North American Soccer League standings.

Although the video doesn’t do it justice, watch Campos’ ‘sidestep run and clean finish’ as he knocks home the game winner.

There is still plenty of time to vote for Campos’ score as NASL’s Goal Of The Week!



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27 July 2012 Scorpions FC

4 Comments to Pablo Being Pablo

  1. Campos is a bit cocky at times, but who cares, as long as he keeps scoring!

  2. Mike Check on 27 July 2012
  3. Would have to agree. Spot on assessment!

  4. David Casarez on 27 July 2012
  5. That usually goes hand in hand with being a forward. I still think he doesn’t fight for enough balls but you can’t argue with his results. The team has done a magnificent job making sure they service balls that he can get on the end of and convert. It just shows how well the team is playing.

  6. Chris Hernandez on 1 August 2012
  7. Well said Chris. Simply put, Pablo was brought here to score goals…nothing more. He has delivered.

  8. David Casarez on 1 August 2012

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