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Author Topic: Meeting No. 00003 - November 22, 2009  (Read 1303 times)
Mike Macias
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« on: November 22, 2009, 03:27:34 PM »

Meeting Number00003
Public PostClick Here
LocationThe Lion & Rose Pub (Blanco))
Date & TimeNovember 22, 2009 6:00 PM
DetailsCalling all Crocketteers!!

Its time for our monthly meeting again!  We will be meeting at the Lion & Rose British Restaurant & Pub on Sunday November 22, at 6:00 PM.  As some of you already know the MLS Championship game is scheduled for that same evening, so following the meeting we will be watching the game.  We will be using the Dungeon room again, and will be passing out Crocketteers Business cards during the game.

It would be appreciated if you would RSVP to the event with Facebook by clicking here.

Lion and Rose British Restaurant & Pub

842 NW Loop 410 (Park North Shopping Center),
San Antonio, TX  78216
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  • Where we’re at?
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  • 2010 Texas Pro Soccer Festival
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Victory or Death
Mike Macias
Crocketteers Founder
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« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2009, 09:20:38 AM »

Presentation: Click Here

Victory or Death
Mike Macias
Crocketteers Founder
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« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2009, 09:41:43 AM »

Crocketteers Meeting Minutes
Meeting No. 00003
Lion and Rose- Blanco

Attendees – see sign-up sheet.

Meeting commenced at 6:25pm

What to expect:
•   Remember to sign in to the meetings.
•   Meeting minutes will be documented.
•   Sign up on members form and you can have access to the meeting minutes and more group information.
•   Email ideas or topics for the agenda – revisit guidelines if you have any questions.
•   Next meeting will be in jan. due to holidays

Where we are at:
•   64 members on website – up 6
•   128 members on facebook – up 10 members

Name and usage of logo:
•   Please visit the website on the users forum for complete detaqils

Crocketteers forum:
•   Moved away from the big soccer forum because so we can moderate the posts and take more control over our posts.
•   This has been helpful as Michael has been contacted by Express News etc on events- more local
•   Members only section – send Michael and email who wants access to the private forum
•   Request an idea section- please use to submit your agenda items and more!
•   Encourage people to visit the forum and site. There are tons of info on there and just jump in to talk soccer.
•   Facebook – please use as well.

Crocketteers Shop:
•   Cafι Press – great items are on there
•   10% markup goes to the group so this will help purchase future promotional items and more for the group!

Crocketteer business cards:
•   Yellow Card people – is a discussion starter
•   Get our name out there
•   Yellow Card – potential members, people who are interested in soccer
•   Flyers will be made to hand out to the general public
•   If you need more please see Michael. Larger requests will be evaluated on a case by case business.

•   Other business did not get back to Michael so we are going to move forward with RuffNeck should we decide to place an order.
•   Michael discussed the logic behind the design.
•   Bulk order is better for the group as the profits will be used for the group – extra business cards or sign or etc.
•   Michael showcased the pricing and potential profit for the group – see the presentation for complete details on pricing.
•   Before we can order, we need to come up with some ideas for fundraising to get money to purchase these scarves.
•   Question was raised if scarves would sell but people could wear it in the summer or display in pubs and to soccer events.
•   Presale – was suggested. If we can pre-sell 47 scarves we will break even and cover our costs.
•   Another suggestion was to have them for the TX Pro-Soccer Festival
•   Encouraged members to discuss further on the private forum, and get commitments so we can get a good idea. Need to sell 64 scarves to break even for the 150 scarves (+50 free).

TX Pro Soccer Festival:
•   Times are rough- having a hard time selling sponsorships for the festival.
•   People are less willing to commit to the festival.
•   2010 festival may be cancelled because sponsorships are not secured.
•   We need to help secure sponsorships to make this happen. Incentives will be available should this happen – like VIP parties.
•   Visit the TX Pro Scoocer festival site to view the sponsorship packages to help secure the festival.
•   Ed has offered to pay commissions on sponsorships but on behalf of the crocketter – profits would be transferred back to the Crocketteers.
•   Once we have confirmation that the festival is on, we can discuss options on how we are going to be involved at the festival (ticket takers, etc).

•   Michael also brought up the potential to purchase Crocketteer jerseys. At least 15 people to commit to purchasing jerseys so that we can put in an order. We are looking at 50 dollars a jesey. If we order individually, you are looking at 90 bucks.

•   Garey suggested supporting smaller soccer events – league championships etc. Michael suggested if people want and are going to go, then we can hook them up at the events with signage/business cards/fliers.
•   Rich has contacted NEYSO (executive director) and they have not contacted him back to discuss Crocketteers support at events.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM


Victory or Death
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